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Bushcraft Courses Uk


Bushcraft Courses Uk Bushcraft Courses Uk

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Come to our woodlands in Oxfordshire or Derbyshire to enjoy our our range of courses, from a couple of hours through to our advanced week long course, or why not try our foundational three-day, two night Bushcraft Courses. Woodland Ways offers award winning, outstanding wilderness Bushcraft Courses: including our Family Bushcraft Course for Adult , Teenagers Fundamental Bushcraft Course, Woodland Ways Weekend and many more. Our Teenagers Fundamental bushcraft courses is the industries first introduction to living in a bushcraft setting aimed purely at teenagers, ideal for those who have seen the TV, read the books, and want to have a go themselves. But our courses are open to all age groups.

During your stay with us on one of our Bushcraft courses, you'll learn essential survival skills - covering the four key principles of survival, fire, food, shelter and water. But we go beyond these principles on each and every one of our courses, into the realms of Bushcraft. Which for us is about making the most sustainable use of the natural resources available to you to not just survive, but to thrive in your natural environment. Through our courses we therefore cover wilderness skills including wild foods, medicinal plants, tree identification and the different properties of different woods, protective shelter, trapping and snaring, game mammal and fish preparation, fire lighting- from rubbing two sticks together to modern day sparks, axe and knife choice, care and safe use, the legal framework of tools, water sourcing, collection, filtration and purification, camp craft, carving, hide tanning, prehistoric tool making, expedition planning and much much more.

Woodland Ways Weekend bushcraft courses will show you a broad spectrum of these skills, and allow you to put them into place. We cover knowledge passed down from our ancient ancestors through to modern survival equipment. Here are just a few of the fundamental skills you'll learn in our bushcraft courses: Fire making techniques, correct tinder selections, wilderness fishing methods, tracking and trapping, construction of shelters, wild plant identification, cordage and basic knots, natural navigation and backwoods cookery. Our bushcraft courses also allow for seasonal subjects such as fungi identification.

Our ancestors of the past knew how to accomplish these tasks for their own survival and by practicing the ways of the old, we can connect with our understanding of them, and that of nature.

Our bushcraft courses teach you everything you need to know in order to enjoy a comfortable, fun and rewarding bushcraft experience in the wild. This is why woodland ways has won many awards over the years for its courses, including being voted "Best in Bushcraft" by readers of Bushcraft and Survival Skills magazine and voted number 18 in FHM's top 100 adventures.


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Free Bushcraft Courses Uk tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: Handy trick for enjoying a hot meal in the hills.

When your standing below the crest of a mountain, in horizontal rain, high winds, and with a beaming smile on your face there's no better way to celebrate than with a hot meal! Problem is, in those kinds of conditions that warm meal can soon turn into a cold unappetising mush! So how can you prevent this?

The first step is to find shelter, look for natural shelters such as rocks, you're not looking for anything permanent, just a place to get out of the elements for 20 minutes.

Now that you're out of the wind and rain and have cooked, how can you keep your food warm? I'd recommend eating from the utensil that you cooked the food in! It's pre-heated, keeps the weight down in your sack, and there's only one thing to wash up! What if there are two of you? Well before you dish the food out make sure you heat your (metal- not plastic!) plate before placing the food on it, dishing food on to a cold plate will convect the heat away from the food very quickly. Enjoy your hill meal

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Jason Ingamells - Chief Bushcraft Courses Uk Instructor .

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Bushcraft Courses Uk